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There’s something incredibly versatile and satisfying about an omelet. To some, it’s a morning power meal. To others, it’s a comfort food after a long day. The process of making one jam-packed with cheese, vegetables, and other fixings should be as simple and enjoyable as the omelet itself, which is why an omelet maker should be the next purchase you make for your kitchen.

Ideal for kitchens of all sizes, omelet makers deliver the best omelet-making experience with even, efficient cooking in a matter of minutes. These convenient kitchen appliances take the guesswork out of making the dish with pre-set timers and, in most models, two-sided cooking that cuts down on messy flipping. There’s an omelet maker out there for everyone, and you’ll have the choice of purchasing an electric, stovetop, or even a microwavable omelet maker.

We’re thinking what you’re thinking: breakfast (and every other meal) just got a whole lot easier. If you’re ready to sit back while your omelet cooks itself, then take a crack at one of these eggcellent omelet makers.

5 Best Omelet Makers - July 2024 - BestReviews (2) 5 Best Omelet Makers - July 2024 - BestReviews (3)

Electric omelet makers should cool down before you attempt to wash or clean them. After your omelet is cooked, unplug the device. Leave it open to air out the griddle plates.

Key considerations

What’s in an omelet?

The base of omelet recipes is always either eggs or liquid egg substitute. You can incorporate almost any type of ingredientin the filling. Vegetables, cheese, meat, and even fruit are fair game, which is why omelets are considered to be one of the most versatile breakfast dishes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to seasoning, too. Many spices, herbs, and condiments can be used to complement the flavors you choose.

Cooking method

Omelet makers come in three main styles: electric, stovetop, and microwave. Electric omelet makers plug into AC outlets and require the least amount of effort, as their cooking instructions are simply to fill and let cook. Stovetop omelet makers cook similarly to other skillets, though they are uniquely designed to handle the flipping of the omelet in more convenient ways. Microwavable models also follow the fill-and-let-cook method, but some require stirring or flipping during cooking. That means you’ll need to heat them in a couple of sessions with some effort required.


Generally speaking, omelet makers are geared toward single-meal cooking. Some omelet makers are large enough to make oversized omelets, which could feed two people quite easily. There are also double omelet makers, which cook two omelets — possibly with different fillings — simultaneously. These are especially convenient for parents who are preparing meals for more than one person at a time.

Ease of cleaning

In addition to being easy to use, omelet makers are also easy to clean. After all, these appliances are intended to be low-maintenance in every way. Electric models are easy to clean with a damp cloth, and since they have nonstick plates, they don’t require harsh chemicals for a thorough cleaning. Stovetop models also have nonstick plates, though these usually require cleaning that is a bit more involved, as the entire skillet should be cleaned after each use. You’ll clean these just like your other nonstick pots and pans: with dish soap and scratch-free cloths or sponges. Microwavable models can be cleaned with soap and water, although some are dishwasher safe.



Some omelet maker models utilize nonstick technology, though it varies between styles. In electric and stovetop models, it manifests as a nonstick coating like Teflon. As far as microwavable models go, food-grade silicone is generally stick-resistant, so it’s easier to retrieve your omelet after it’s done cooking.


Omelet makers, especially electric models, have some features that promote safe handling and use. A system of lights indicates the heat level of the omelet maker so you don’t have to risk burning yourself. Some models also feature an automatic shut-off, so even if you leave the omelet maker plugged in, it cools down on its own instead of continually heating. Most styles of omelet makers are equipped with heat-free handles, whether it’s an extended pan handle, silicone grips, or cool-touch knobs.

Omelet maker prices

Omelet makers range in price from $8 to $35. If you want to make a basic omelet on a budget, you can find a decent model between $8 and $20. These models typically don’t have advanced settings, though their simple construction tends to make them easy to clean.

Mid-range models between $20 and $25 are where you’ll find more specialized omelet makers. These models have well-designed nonstick griddle plates, so there’s no flipping required.

At the top of the price range, between $25 and $35, there are omelet makers that incorporate multiple technological and convenience elements — though these tend to require more care and maintenance.


  • Purchase eggs locally. If you’d like the freshest eggs possible for your omelets, visit a farm market, or connect with your town or county to find someone in the area who raises chickens and sells eggs to the public.
  • Use an omelet maker to make meal prep even easier. Eggs cook in a matter of minutes, so in less than an hour, you could make between five and seven omelets.
  • If your hotel doesn’t offer a continental breakfast, bring a microwavable omelet maker with you. It’s lightweight and compact enough to fit in your luggage, and it will save you time and money on easy meals and snacks.
  • Invest in fresh spices. Conduct a spice cabinet inventory and decide whether it’s time to replace your spices. It will make a big difference in the flavor and aroma of your omelets.

5 Best Omelet Makers - July 2024 - BestReviews (4) 5 Best Omelet Makers - July 2024 - BestReviews (5)

Some omelet makers are compact for easy storage in cabinets or the pantry. When storing electric models, make sure the cord is wrapped around its base or securely tied so it doesn’t get stuck or caught between other items.


Q. Do I have to grease my omelet maker before cooking?
It depends on the style of omelet maker you have. Even for models with nonstick finishes, you could opt for some oil or butter before cooking. When it comes to silicone models, it’s recommended to lightly grease them, though these tend to require less grease than their nonstick counterparts. If your omelet recipe calls for cheese, definitely include some grease, as cheese heats up quickly and sticks to surfaces during cooking.

Q. What type of kitchen utensils should I use with an omelet maker?
When you’re trying to retrieve an omelet from an omelet maker, it will involve direct contact with the cooking surface. To avoid scratches or damage, invest in silicone kitchen utensils. They’re soft enough to get the job done if you need to scrape or push the omelet, and food sticks to them far less than it does traditional plastic or wooden utensils.

Q. I want to make more than one omelet at a time. What is the quickest way to do that?
Some omelet makers are large enough to accommodate an oversized omelet that could be big enough to feed two people. There are also some models that cook two individual omelets at a time, so serving is simple, as there is no need to measure and separate them. If you are purchasing an omelet maker on a budget, consider a microwave model. These cook quickly enough to make omelets back-to-back in a short amount of time.

5 Best Omelet Makers - July 2024 - BestReviews (2024)
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