E-prescriptions at a glance (2024)

Over the long term, the electronic prescription will replace the pink prescription for prescription drugs. It can be easily redeemed by people with statutory health insurance by having their medical data card scanned in a pharmacy. Hard copies can also still be submitted. Using the e-prescription app offers many additional advantages.

At a glance

  • The electronic prescription or e-prescription for short saves patients time and reduces the number of journeys they have to make.
  • To use these benefits, people need an electronic medical data card or the e-prescription app on their smartphone. E-prescriptions can also still be optionally submitted as hard copies.
  • E-prescriptions can be used in all pharmacies.
  • Relatives or acquaintances can also redeem e-prescriptions.
  • E-prescriptions cannot be forged and help doctors, pharmacists and health insurance providers cooperate more closely.

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What is an e-prescription?

The electronic prescription or e-prescription for short reduces the number of journeys that patients have to make and simplifies workflows for dental practices, medical practices, pharmacies and health insurance providers. Over the long term, e-prescriptions will replace the well-known pink prescription. People with statutory health insurance can already use e-prescriptions to receive most prescription drugs.

In future, the e-prescription will also become available to people with private insurance subject to them having an electronic medical data card or a digital identity.

How does the e-prescription work?

The e-prescription is generated in the medical practice and securely stored in the telematics infrastructure for 100days. The pharmacy can then read the e-prescription by means of the electronic medical data card, the e-prescription app or a prescription code on the hard copy. Once the e-prescription has been redeemed, its status in the telematics infrastructure changes. It is then not possible to reuse the e-prescription.

The issuing medical practice, the patient and the pharmacy dispensing the medication are the only ones with access to the data stored in the e-prescription.

Like the paper prescription, the e-prescription can be used flexibly as it is not tied to a specific person. If the insured person is unable to redeem it in the pharmacy themselves, relatives or acquaintances can also collect the medication.

E-prescriptions can be easily redeemed using an electronic medical data card. To this end, simply allow the pharmacy to read the e-prescription on your electronic medical data card. You do not need a pin to do this; you simply need to insert your medical data card into the card reader. The pharmacy can then access the prescription from the telematics infrastructure and dispense the medication as usual.

Alternatively, you can also have the e-prescription printed in the medical practice. The printout shows which medication you have been prescribed. It also features a prescription code, which is scanned in the pharmacy.

How does the e-prescription app work?

The official app is called “Das E-Rezept” (“the E-Prescription”) and is provided by gematik GmbH. It is available free of charge from the usual app stores. Patients can use the app on their device to conveniently access an e-prescription and send it to the pharmacy of their choice with just a few taps, ready to collect their medication later.

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Filters also make it possible to search for pharmacies according to certain criteria such as “open now” or “courier service”. Users can then choose a pharmacy in which to redeem the prescription. This reserves the medication until it is delivered or collected. A future app upgrade will make it possible to ask up to three pharmacies whether they have the prescribed medication in stock.

To receive and redeem e-prescriptions digitally, the smartphone and electronic medical data card must support near field communication (NFC). A PIN for the electronic medical data card is also required. A PIN and NFC-compatible medical data card can be obtained from health insurance providers free of charge.

Interesting fact: Many insured people with access to a health insurance provider’s app can use this to log in to the e-prescription app. On selecting your health insurance provider from the list provided at login, you are automatically directed to the statutory health insurance fund’s app. Your login there is then sent to the e-prescription app.


How does the e-prescription work?

Watch this video to find out how the e-prescription can be used.

This and other videos can also be found on YouTube

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What are the benefits of e-prescriptions for people with health insurance?

Unlike hand-written prescriptions, the e-prescription is always clearly legible. If the hard copy has been lost, the prescription can still be redeemed using the electronic medical data card or the e-prescription app. Alternatively, a new printout can also be obtained from the medical practice.

Redeeming the e-prescription using the electronic medical data card or the e-prescription app saves time and effort. Repeat prescriptions within a quarter can be issued using the e-prescription without the patient having to re-attend the medical practice. E-prescriptions can also be issued during video consultations. They are available immediately afterwards without the patient having to wait for the pink prescription to be sent by post.

The e-prescription app also offers further advantages:

  • No repeat trips to the pharmacy to order and collect a prescription. The app can be used to conveniently preorder medication. If the selected pharmacy offers a courier service, this makes it far easier for people with restricted mobility in particular to obtain their medication.
  • In addition to the prescription codes, the app also stores instructions on how to take the medication and information about the medication prescribed. It also makes it easier to track when which medication was prescribed and collected from a pharmacy.
  • Furthermore, following redemption in the app, the patient can see which medication was dispensed. If, for example, different medication had to be provided due to a discount agreement, this is indicated in the e-prescription app.
  • If a prescription is not immediately redeemed, the app shows the length of time for which it is still valid. Prescriptions covered by statutory health insurance expire after 28 days, after which they can only be redeemed as private prescriptions at the patient’s own cost.
  • The e-prescription app also offers a practical family function for carers and parents. To use this, you need to use your family member’s electronic medical data card and PIN to create an additional profile in your app. You will then automatically receive your family member’s prescriptions. This is also possible in parallel; for example, both parents can receive their child’s prescriptions. However, these can only be redeemed once.
  • The app is also available in other languages and supports the usual accessibility features provided by operating systems.

What are the benefits of e-prescriptions for the healthcare sector?

E-prescriptions simplify the exchange of information and cooperation between doctors, pharmacies and health insurance providers. Sending an e-prescription electronically reduces the chance of errors and the processing time for everyone involved. E-prescriptions therefore help reduce the workload in the healthcare sector. An electronic signature furthermore prevents forgery.

The e-prescription opens up further possibilities in conjunction with the electronic patient record: following a future upgrade, the information about the prescribed and dispensed medication will be automatically transferred to the electronic patient record. This should provide a better overview of current and previous prescriptions for everyone involved in the treatment process (doctors, pharmacists, insurance holders and, in the future, even caregivers).


What are electronic health records and the ePA app?

The video below explains the benefits that the electronic health record or ePA for short brings and how data is transferred.

This and other videos can also be found on YouTube

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Further information

Further information on how to use the e-prescription app can be found on the “E‑Rezept: DieApp” (“E‑Prescription: TheApp”) website.

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E-prescriptions at a glance (2024)


Does JustAnswer provide prescriptions? ›

Experts on JustAnswer cannot provide prescriptions. However, some of JustAnswer plans do offer prescriptions. You can check for these benefits by clicking on “Try RX Benefits” at the top of the chat box or by checking your “My benefits” page.

Do pharmacies accept emailed prescriptions? ›

Your doctor will send you a link by SMS or email. The link has a unique QR code, known as a digital 'token' — this token is your prescription to take to a pharmacy. Your token will get scanned by the pharmacist, so they can access your prescription and give you your medicine.

How do eScript repeats work? ›

Once your prescription is filled, your token will no longer be able to be used. If your script has repeats, a new unique token is sent to you (again by email or SMS), for your next script to be filled.

How efficient is e-prescribing? ›

The findings of this research study suggest that e-prescribing has the potential to increase patient safety and patient medication adherence; create cost savings for medical clinics, hospitals, and patients; and improve efficiency in the ambulatory care setting.

What is the lawsuit against JustAnswer? ›

In this putative class action, named plaintiffs Jessica Quamina, Tasha Davis, Kristie Nelson, Kseniya Godun, Moya McDowell, Renee Pettit, and Latoya Foust, allege that they were enrolled without their consent in recurring paid subscriptions for the online question-and-answer service operated by defendant JustAnswer, ...

Do you have to pay for JustAnswer answers? ›

In most circ*mstances, when you use JustAnswer, you're signing up for a monthly membership-based service that gives you ongoing access to professionals. You will be charged a one-time join fee and also a monthly fee for use of the platform*.

Is online prescription valid? ›

An online doctor can only prescribe you prescription medicines online if the doctor: has a treatment relationship with you. knows your medication history. has access to your medical records, which are up to date.

Can I use an email prescription? ›

EPS allows prescribers to send prescriptions electronically to a dispenser (such as a pharmacy) of the patient's choice. This makes the prescribing and dispensing process more efficient and convenient for patients and staff.

How does e-prescribing work? ›

When the prescriber enters the prescription into the e-prescribing application, the prescription is transmitted to the pharmacy and may be entered into the patient's medical record and integrated with the office billing system if these systems are linked electronically.

How much does an eScript cost? ›

Electronic prescriptions (eScripts) are effectively free for all pharmacies using eRx Script Exchange. eRx fees are reimbursed from Medicare via PBS Online. How can eRx be No Cost? eRx fees are reimbursed as part of the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA).

What does an eScript look like? ›

What does an eScript token look like? The token is a QR code, just like the QR codes that are commonly used at cafes and restaurants to sign in.

Can someone else get your eScript? ›

Yes. Just like a paper prescription, you can give your token to a family member or other person to take to the pharmacy and pick up your medicines for you. You'll need to forward the token to their mobile or email.

What is a disadvantage of electronic prescribing? ›

As a result, e-prescribing may produce problems that can lead to patient harm, such as improper patient selection from electronic lists, alert fatigue, improper or difficult product selection, and interfacing challenges between prescribers and pharmacies. Read the full article, including suggestions for improvement.

What is the largest e-prescribing supplier? ›

Surescripts is the largest network of prescribing information in the U.S. It supports the flow of this information amongst providers and suppliers of pharmaceuticals by maintaining databases that are accessible from most clinical software that provides e-prescribing functionality.

What are the errors associated with e-prescribing? ›

Other studies investigating types of e-prescribing errors related to order entry have found that wrong drug quantity, wrong duration of therapy, wrong dosing directions, and wrong dosing formulations occur frequently.

Does JustAnswer use real doctors? ›

We're the largest online network of verified Doctors, Lawyers, Veterinarians, Mechanics, and other professionals, offering real-time, personalized guidance. With over 13,000 experts spanning 150 categories, we've assisted 22+ million customers in 196 countries.

Why did JustAnswer charge me $46? ›

Just Answer is a monthly membership-based service. Monthly charges occur unless you cancel. Single question customers must cancel before 30 days to avoid incurring future monthly membership charges.

Can JustAnswer vets prescribe medication? ›

JustAnswer is a forum for veterinary consultation and advice. Veterinarians in the United States are not legally permitted to make a diagnosis or write prescriptions online.

Is JustAnswer legit for medical advice? ›

If you're wondering whether or not the experts are trustworthy, the answer is that they should be. According to JustAnswer, “Experts must have recognized credentials in their fields, such as a lawyer's, doctor's or veterinarian's license, or years of experience working in a particular specialty.”

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