NXT Heatwave 2024 Live Results (July 7, 2024) - Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, Ontario (2024)

NXT Heatwave 2024 Pre-Show & Discussion

Welcome everyone to our live results coverage of tonight's NXT Heatwave, 2024 edition, including our usual pre-show and discussion thread! Go ahead and bookmark this page as it'll transition to our live results shortly before broadcast. Tonight's premium live event airs live from the Scotiabank arena in Toronto--scene of last night's Money in the Bank special. Tonight's special will broadcast live on the Peaco*ck Network.

We've got six matches lined up for tonight, with five of them bearing the weight of gold. NXT Champion Trick Williams has his biggest defense yet in a Fatal 4-Way featuring Je'Von Evans, "All Ego" Ethan Page, and Shawn Spears. Also, seeking a shot at the gold he never lost but had to abdicate due to injury, is s Wes Lee, who clashes with NXT North American Champion Oba Femi. In tag action, reigning NXT Tag Team champions Frazer & Axiom put their gold on the line against Chase U. On the women's side, newly-christened NXT Women's North American Champion Kelani Jordan defends against NXT veteran Sol Ruca. Also on tap is NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez fending against Lola Vice. And in our lone non-title match, Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx team up to take on my autocorrect Arianna Grace & Karmen Petrovic.

NXT Heatwave 2024 Live Results (July 7, 2024) - Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, Ontario (1) NXT Heatwave 2024 Live Results (July 7, 2024) - Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, Ontario (2)
NXT Heatwave 2024 Live Results (July 7, 2024) - Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, Ontario (3) NXT Heatwave 2024 Live Results (July 7, 2024) - Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, Ontario (4)
NXT Heatwave 2024 Live Results (July 7, 2024) - Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, Ontario (5) NXT Heatwave 2024 Live Results (July 7, 2024) - Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, Ontario (6)
Official Pre-Show Under Way on Peaco*ck!

We start our pre-show at approximately 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific. We're treated to a plethora of vignettes hyping everything from individual stars involved in tonight's matches, to SummerSlam next month.

Countdown to NXT Heatwave Kickoff

We cut to the arena where Booker T and Vic Joseph welcome us to the Scotiabank Arena. It's time for our first match, live on the countdown show!

Tag Team Match: Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx vs Arianna Grace & Karmen Petrovic

Jacy Jayne, wearing a nose-protecting face mask, is out first with Jazmyn Nyx to a mild reaction. Karmen Petrovic & Arianna Grace make their way out next to a better reaction--especially when Grace & Petrovic are announced as the hometown girls. Petrovic is wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey I believe. Grace starts first, with commentary mentioning that Grace & Karmen are trying to "out-Toronto each other." Grace tags in Petrovic and the hometown duo maintain control early on. Nyx & Jayne eventually take control after an early submission attempt. Jayne starts to slow the pace, slowly picking apart Petrovic while taking time to talk smack.

Petrovic looks for a quick roll-up but Jayne powers out. Jayne with a roll-through into a back heel to the jaw, stunning Petrovic. Jayne tags in Nyx and together, they execute a double-suplex. Nyx taunts Petrovic and kicks her in the small of the back. The crowd tries to rally behind Karmen, and she attempts an escape, only to be shut down. Petrovic again attempts to fight back, sending Nyx out between the ropes. Petrovic crawls for her corner but Jayne drags her back by the foot. With a big strike, Petrovic rocks Jayne and makes the hot tag to Arianna Grace!

Grace hits the ring on fire and the Toronto tandem bring the crowd alive with several strikes. Grace looks for a cover but only gets a close two. Petrovic gets the tag; Jayne fails to notice this, setting up a blind knee strike by Petrovic that nearly picks up the win. Petrovic takes on Jayne & Nyx, two-on-one, while Grace recovers ringside. Nyx with a sliding sweep to trip Petrovic, setting her up for a big kick from Jayne. Near fall. Grace enters the ring and attempts to even the odds but gets leveled with a big strike from Nyx. Nyx attempts to roll up Petrovic, who counters with a roll of her own to pick up the win! The hometown girls get a nice reception from Toronto.
Your Winners, Arianna Grace & Karmen Petrovic! (7 Minutes)

Backstage: NXT Tag Team Champions Nathan Frazer & Axiom

Axiom is shown approaching Frazer backstage, who is apparently late arriving to the show. Axiom chooses to use his words, and expresses the situational anxiety triggered in him by Nathan's tardiness and his overall fear of loss, regarding the titles. Frazer tells Axiom to chillax, bruv, as he's locked in. We head to more vignette propaganda.

NXT Heatwave 2024 Live Results (July 7, 2024) - Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, Ontario

Welcome, welcome, welcome one and all to the live results portion of tonight's coverage of NXT Heatwave 2024! We've got live results coverage running both on Rajah News & EW with updates coming frequently throughout tonight's live broadcast. We get the Taker-narrated "Then, Now, Forever, Together" and a themed vignette for tonight's show. Once again, Vic Joseph and Hall of Famer Booker T welcome us to Toronto's Scotiabank Arena, sight of last night's Money in the Bank and tonight's NXT Heatwave. A hot crowd greets us; hot like maple syrup on freshly-griddled pancakes. Mmm, pancakes.

NXT North American Championship Match: Oba Femi(c) vs Wes Lee

Wes Lee is out first at 7:05pm EST to a decent reaction from Toronto. Commentary question if it was wise for Wes Lee to accept tonight's special stipulation: Lee cannot challenge Femi again. The NXT North American Champion is out next to a mild reaction. I take back the lame joke about a hot Toronto crowd. We get our bell at 7:08pm EST and both men start to circle. We're reminded repeatedly by commentary about the size and weight difference between champ and challenger, as well as the fact that Wes Lee never lost this title. Instead, he had to abdicate due to injury. After a few moments of circling, Femi backs Lee up into the corner. Lee lets loose wild hands and slaps but Femi easily shrugs them off, tossing Lee into the corner.
The first few moments feature more of the same--Femi throws Lee into a corner, but the scrappy Lee fights out. Finally Femi's had enough, and he sets Lee upon the top turnbuckle before screaming as he hits a big right that sends Lee flying to the floor outside. Femi slows the pace, taunting the challenger while showcasing his raw strength. Femi lifts Lee over his shoulders, spins him around and throws him up into the air--letting Lee spin like a helicopter and crash straight to the hard canvas! Holy sh*t! The crowd erupts in a loud chant and is finally awake! The battle--more like a massacre, really--erupts to the outside. We get replays after Femi manhandles Lee, slamming him brutally down to the floor and apron. The ref begins a count-out but Lee makes it in by the count of eight.
He regrets that decision immediately, however, as Femi hits a running forearm strike followed by a backbreaker that leaves Lee rolling in pain. The champ sends Lee into the corner with a strong Irish whip, and follows it up with a shoulder thrust. The crowd loudly chants for both men; Toronto, I restore my lame joke about your hotness. Femi taunts Lee, putting a foot on Lee's back. Lee screams in effort as he tries to power up, only for Femi to stomp him down into the mat. Booker T calls it well--the champ is just "rag-dolling him." The crowd again tries to rally for Lee, but Oba Femi pulls him up into a crossbody carry and tosses him aside like a child's toy.
Femi pulls Lee to his feet. Lee fights back, throwing fists to Femi's gut, only to be whipped into a corner. Lee looks winded as the bigger opponent hits him with a rising knee strike. Femi again throws Lee across the ring, playing with him like a cat would its' prey. Lee is put in the Tree of Woe by Femi! Femi crosses the ring, kneels in the opposite corner, and looks for a huge spear in the corner! Lee moves out of the way in the last moment, temporarily stunning Femi. Lee sends Femi over the top rope to a mild pop, then follows it up with a springboard attempt. Femi dodges, and ultimately slaps Lee off the apron like a flyswatter! The crowd rips off a "this is awesome!" chant after the sequence. The champ takes it back into the ring.
Femi with a huge back stretch submission over his knee. Lee tries to hang on and again, the crowd attempts to rally the challenger. Femi looks for a cover but Lee kicks out at two. Lee starts to string together moves; here comes a left hook, a right jab; a spinning heel kick and its official, folks, Lee's performing his comeback sequence. A flurry of blows and rope-assisted springboard strikes help the challenger bring the big champ down to a knee. Another offensive burst leads to Lee connecting with a springboard DDT for a close cover! Lee pursues Femi as he heads outside, hitting suicide dives on three separate sides of the ring! Yet still, the champion remains on his feet!
Lee follows Femi inside the ring and looks for a Meteora but Femi holds firm! Lee follows this up with a Hurricanrana roll-up for another close fall! The crowd erupts in claps and chants for NXT after the marvelous sequence. Lee with strikes to the champ, followed by another Meteora to the back of the neck. Lee, clearly winded, heads up and looks for a springboard strike--only to fly right into a bicep uppercut from the champ! Femi covers for one, two, no! Lee gets the arm up just in time! The champ looks exasperated and the crowd is fully alive, chanting and clapping for both superstars! Femi hoists Lee up into another fireman's carry and begins to ascend the corner ropes! Femi moves to the middle rope and Lee begins to throw elbows into Femi's face, seeking to escape.
Lee repositions and looks for a Hurricanrana off the top! Femi counters and looks for a middle-rope Powerbomb that Lee counters mid-move into an X-Factor! Lee follows this up with a Cardiac Kick for another close fall! Lee looks for a crossbody. The champ starts to rally and threatens a chokeslam! Lee sends the champ outside and the two battle briefly at the ropes. Lee looks for an aerial assault to the outside, only to be countered by the champ--who turns it into a body driver at the ringside area! Lee begins to rally in the ring but executes a very slow handspring, which is nearly countered by the champ. Both men are exhausted and begin to throw fists. Lee, again too slow due to exhaustion, looks for another Cardiac Kick. Femi sees it coming, and so does his grandpa. Femi tosses Lee aside like a ragdoll then hits a sit-out powerbomb to secure the win after an exciting match!
Your Winner AND STILL NXT North American Champion, Oba Femi! (16 minutes)

NXT Women's North American Championship Match: Kelani Jordan(c) vs Sol Ruca

Sol Ruca is out first for our next match. She gets a nice welcome from the Scotiabank Arena. Inaugural NXT Women's North American Champion Kelani Jordan is out next to a better pop. She takes the time to high-five multiple fans on her way down to the ring ahead of the bell. Both superstars are faces in this and the crowd treats them as such throughout. Jordan takes an early lead, but it gives way to Ruca after an X-Factor early on. Ruca focuses her offense on the champ's joints, eventually locking in an extended-length surfboard stretch. Ruca realizes, after some time, that the champ won't tap and returns to strikes. Jordan rebounds off the ropes and looks to get some offense in. Both women crash to the outside. The crowd is definitely alert for this match, "ooo"'ing and "ahh"'ing at everything it seems. Jordan takes control and drags Ruca into the corner. Jordan looks for a split-leg strike but Sol Ruca recovers and escapes.
Sol Ruca from the bottom rope with a springboard strike that flattens the champ. Ruca follows it up with a second springboard strike, this time from the middle rope. Ruca his a springboard 450 cannonball on the champ for a near fall! We get replays at the unique, new move. Ruca and Jordan begin exchanging blows in the ring, with each woman hitting the other in alternating right strikes that rock the recipient. Ruca with a spinning kick; Jordan blocks and rocks the challenger. Jordan hops up on Ruca's shoulders and hits a snap Poisonrana to a huge pop! Executed very well. Ruca rolls to the outside; Jordan follows, hitting a springboard middle-rope moonsault from the apron to the floor. Another big pop from the crowd that lads into a big NXT chant. The ref begins a count-out but Jordan breaks it, getting Ruca to her feet. Ruca and Jordan battle at the apron again.
Ruca with a big running punt kick while standing on the apron, to the champ standing on the floor. Sol hits another running move, diving off the apron and crashing into the champ. Both women are down and the crowd erupts in a mild "holy sh*t" chant. The ref starts a double-count-out. At seven, both women begin to move. At nine, both get to their feet. Both barely slide in at ten and this match continues, folks. Ruca looks for a fireman's carry on the champ; Jordan powers out. Ruca with a scoop slam that is reversed into a roll-up by Jordan. A sequence of alternating roll-up attempts begins, with both women changing position and attempting various forms of roll-ups. Ruca ends the sequence with a single-arm powerbomb slam into a roll-up for a two. The NXT Universe with another loud "this is awesome" chant. Ruca rear climbs the turnbuckles after placing Jordan on it. Perhaps looking for a half-and-half suplex.
Jordan sends Ruca falling back to the mat then heads up top herself. Jordan looks for a diving strike but Ruca gets the knees up and both women are rolling in pain! Sol looks for a Sol Smasher but Jordan interrupts the move and counters it into a low-angle slam! Ruca and Jordan continue to battle in the corner as the crowd starts a loud dueling chant for both superstars. Jordan looks for another Poisonrana but the challenger reverses it into an inverted Alabama Slam in the corner! The two battle another brief moment until Jordan does connect with a Poisonrana off the top! Jordan covers and picks up the win at 7:45pm.
Your Winner AND STILL NXT Women's North American Champion, Kelani Jordan! (11 minutes)

Video Promos/Vignettes: WM 40 Docu, Bad Blood Returns, Gallus Unhappy

We get a video hyping the WrestleMania XL (40) documentary, only a few months late. We get a vignette for the return, nearly a quarter century later, of the old Bad Blood special--live from Atlanta, Georgia this year. We then get a promo from Gallus, then finally a backstage segment setting up a match between Karmen Petrovic & Arianna Grace on this week's NXT.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Nathan Frazer & Axiom(c) vs Chase U

Chase U is out first, with Duke Hudson & Andre Chase representing the University tonight. They're accompanied by Riley Osbourne and Thea Hail, looking quite like Cherie O'Teri from her SNL days. Out next are the tag team champs, Nathan Frazer and Axiom. We get the bell at 7:58 as commentary questions if Frazer's focus is even here tonight. We get a fun fact--tag titles haven't changed on a "Heatwave" special since ECW Heatwave in 1997! Andre Chase and Axiom start us off, with neither man able to get a firm control of offense from the get-go. The crowd stays hot and alive in the opening moments of this contest. Both men tag in their respective partners. Duke Hudson begins to take control, easily overpowering the smaller Frazer. Duke tags in Andre after a few moments and they double-team Nathan. Frazer manages to escape and brings in Axiom, who again clashes with Chase. Axiom with a low-angle DDT for a close fall!
Axiom takes control but rocks Andre Chase with a big clothesline to the back of the neck/skull, prompting multiple replays and discussion from Booker T & Vic Joseph as to the legality of Axiom's blow. After another pin attempt, Frazer tags in and comes to blows with Chase. Chase counters a springboard attempt into a big side slam! Both men crawl to their corners and the crowd comes alive, cheering them both on. Axiom gets the tag first and stops Chase from tagging in Hudson. Axiom looks for an arm bar but Chase rolls Axiom back onto his shoulders, forcing a break under threat of pin. Axiom grabs Chase's leg but Chase hits a dragon kick to break free. We're reminded that Chase U's first tag title run only lasted 21 days and perhaps they have more to prove Chase kicks Axiom off, sending Axiom to the corner where Frazer tags in. Chase tags Hudson.
Duke Hudson, coming in off the hot tag, clears the ring. Hudson begins to roll his firsts in the air and take it to both of the champs! Chase U is on a roll as he repeatedly drops the champs, single-handedly taking them down time after time. Axiom gets planted, then Frazer, after pop-up tosses by the bigger Duke. Hudson with a brutal senton/gutbuster combo for a close cover! The crowd loudly rips off an "NXT! NXT!" chant. Hudson eats a speedy strike from Frazer, and spills to the outside. Nathan attempts a suicide dive but Hudson shuts it down with a big blow at the ropes. A huge German suplex from Duke erupts the crowd and flattens Frazer! Hudson looks for a skyscraper-high Razor's Edge but Frazer counters with a headscissor takedown!
Axiom takes the tag and all four men are now brawling. The champs hit stereo suicide dives to the outside, laying out the challengers! Axiom with a big Frog Splash on Hudson; Frazer tags in and hits a springboard for a close two! Frazer brings Axiom back in, then tags himself back in as Axiom climbs up. Hudson takes down Axiom. Frazer with an arm drag takedown to Hudson. Frazer climbs the top but Duke Hudson hits the Stratusfaction out of nowhere! The crowd with another "this is awesome" chant after the exceptional sequence. Chase tags in and battles Frazer on the top corner. Hudson tags in just as Frazer shoves Chase off the top. Hudson on the middle rope, looking for a Superplex. Frazer fights him off, too, then follows it up with a missile dropkick to Hudson's chest. Axiom tags in and both champs work together to battle Hudson in the corner.
Commentary can't figure out where Andre Chase is; he's out somewhere on ringside floor. Hudson sends Frazer down to the floor hard. Axiom and Hudson battle briefly; Axiom drops Hudson and hits a high flying splash; Frazer follows up with a Phoenix Splash! Chase makes the save at the last second with his own diving, high flying, chaotic move! The crowd erupts loudly as the save is made! Everyone takes a few moments to recover. Chase and Axiom begin to exchange blows. Axiom fires off multiple kicks, and Chase follows it up with a running big boot! Frazer makes the save but Chase fights them both off, using big boots and chops to rock the champs. Frazer looks for a superkick but hits Axiom by mistake! Chase sends Frazer out of the ring and rolls up Axiom for a 2.9! The crowd is on their feet and straight-up yelling "NXT!"
Chase starts his CHASE U kicks to a supremely loud appreciation from the crowd! Chase heads up top and hits a high crossbody for another near-fall! Frazer just makes the save in time to a chorus of boos from the crowd! Chase with elbows and chops to Axiom. Frazer, now legal, looks for a diving move. Chase with a counter and a big boot. Chase heads up top but Frazer pops up top and hits a Superplex! Frazer holds on and rolls it into another suplex, with Axiom hitting a superkick to Chase's back! They wipe out Hudson then hit the Golden Ration on Andre Chase at 8:15pm to retain! EXCITING match!
Your Winners AND STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Nathan Frazer & Axiom! (17 minutes)

Vignettes & Promos: Josh Briggs, Carlee Bright, Dante Chen

We get a promo for Briggs, who "doesn't know" who he is yet--but he'll find out. We then get one from Carlee Bright, highlighting her collegiate cheerleading experience. We then get a quick video showing Dante Chen defeating Lexis King and he hypes his unique role as the first-ever Singaporean NXT Superstar.

Video Promo: NXT: The Great American Bash

The next weekly-episode special will air on Syfy Channel on August 6th, the Tuesday after SummerSlam.

NXT Women's Championship Match: Roxanne Perez(c) vs Lola Vice

The challenger is out first, dancing quickly down to the ring ass the crowd reacts politely. The champ, Roxanne Perez, is out next. We get our opening bell at 8:32pm. The poor ring announcer paused for the "one-fall" callback but only like six people did it. Commentary reminds us that these two have beef back to February, when Vice cost Perez her title. Both women lock up, with the champ pushing the challenger back into the corner. Perez slaps Vice, then backs off regretting it after the look on Vice's face. Vice takes an early control, and looks for an arm bar submission within the first ninety seconds. Perez easily escapes and begins to focus strikes on the left shoulder and elbow of Vice. The crowd finally wakes up and rips off dueling chants for both superstars. Vice takes control after a big strike, locking in a rear waist lock until the champ breaks out with a back elbow. This continues for the opening minutes, with both women exchanging offensive strikes and not so much as an offensive lead. Commentary once again reminds us that Lola has dedicated tonight's match to her mom, just like 14 other superstars did yesterday.
The NXT Universe actually makes me eat crow, finally coming alive with a very loud dueling chant once again. Vice and Perez continue to exchange short bursts of offense. Vice again looks for an early pin fall but gets no joy. Perez uses Vice's hair to slam her back to the mat without warning by the ref. Perez again uses Vice's hair, this time to rip her skull against the rope, and the ref counts a warning. Perez grins sad*stically as she whips the contender into the champ and follows it up with a running European uppercut. A side Russian leg sweep leads to a pin fall attempt of her own. Again the crowd erupts loudly, and Vice looks to interrupt Perez's command of the match. Vice with a gut strike followed by a knee, then another. Perez looks for a pin attempt but Vice fights back. Finally, Lola begins to chain moves together, getting her own offensive stretch in.
The crowd pops for Vice with each big strike and pin attempt. Perez easily kicks out at two. Vice looks for a slam but Perez floats over and attempts a roll-up win. Vice again rocks the champ with a blow to the body. Perez looks for a running uppercut in the corner again but Vice slaps on a sleeper. Perez breaks out and both women execute a series of move and countermoves. Vice looks for another sleeper but Perez takes it outside and rams Vice back into the commentary desk to break the sleeper when the ref won't. Perez slams Vice's hand into the ringpost when Vice exits the ring to pursue, only to charge hand-first into the ringpost. The champ takes lead, executing another belly to back suplex on the ringside floor. Perez takes Vice back into the ring and looks for another cover. Vice continues to favor her injured left hand. Perez continues to taunt the challenger and targets the injured hand. Perez stomps and strikes, and stands on the injured hand. Right hand--not left, right, apologies.
Vice looks to break up the offense and begins to chain a few strikes together, only to have Perez immediately go for a hand submission attempt. Vice escapes and both women are down briefly. Vice looks for a Triangle Hold but the champ escapes. Perez looks for an arm bar but Lola escapes with a spinning backhand that sends the champ outside! Vice exits the ring and pulls the champ to her feet, then shoves her into the ring. Perez takes control again after another back-and-forth spurt. Vice throws spinning kicks in an effort to break up things, dropping the champ to her knees. The crowd pops for every strike and is very much alive for this. Perez hits Pop Rox outta nowhere for another close fall! The action spills to the outside, where Perez begins to clear the commentary table. She yells into Vice's face, "you'll never be champion!" Perez looks for Pop Rox on the table--and the table doesn't even break! The crowd rips off a loud "Holy sh*t" chant regardless! Perez takes it back into the ring and looks for a cover but Vice kicks out. Perez locks in a Crossface! Vice looks for the rope but Perez rolls through--then pops up and hits a Pop Rox! Perez immediately pulls Vice up and hits another Pop Rox outta nowhere! Perez quickly follows it up with a cover to pickup the win at 8:45pm!
Your Winner AND STILL NXT Women's Champion, Roxanne Perez! (13 minutes)

NXT Championship Fatal 4-Way Main Event Match: Trick Williams(c) vs Je'Von Evans vs Shawn Spears vs "All Ego" Ethan Page

Je'Von Evans is out first. The fan-favorite is hyped heavily, and we're reminded that this isn't just his first premium live event--or even his first main event, but he's done so much in just three months. The next participant out is Shawn Spears, wearing a white mask. We're reminded that he's never held the NXT title before. We're also reminded that Spears was the first person to pin Trick (in non-title action, of course) since Trick won the title. Out next is "All Ego" Ethan Page to a better pop. The best is saved for last, and out comes our NXT Champion to a massive, ear-shattering pop--Trick Williams! Chants of "whoop that Trick" repeat endlessly it seems as the champ, complete with Harlem Heat-themed tights, soaks it all up! Booker T notices the tights theme and calls it out! We get wide shots of the arena and the crowd loves our champ. We get our official announcements ahead of the bell at 9:05pm.
Twenty-year-old Je'Von Evans and Trick Williams get us started as the brawl spills to the outside area. Page and Spears take control, pairing off and trying to one-up each other as they slam their respective opponent's heads into the steel steps. The two keep jawing it off and take it into the ring. The crowd erupts with Yes! chants as Spears and Page step toe-to-toe. Both men jab the other in the eyes! Both men are blinded! Evans and Williams enter the ring and take them down. They work together to clear the house then stare each other down as the crowd erupts once again. Evans looks for a roundhouse but Williams ducks; Williams looks for a Urinage but Evans dodges it. A series of quick, back-and-forth moves as both men struggle to take control. Evans impresses, as does Williams. Evans looks for a quick pin attempt but Williams kicks out. The rookie taunts the champ, leading to the champ taking him down with a leaping clothesline. Scoop slam from the champ.
Williams looks for an Irish whip. Evans and Williams continue a series of reversals and counters, which is only broken when Spears looks for a chair shot. Williams channels his inner Booker T and starts to drop people with axe kicks and scissor kicks. Williams stomps Evans in the corner then turns his focus to Spears. Spears dumps the champ to the outside, only to be dropped with a big kick from Ethan Page. Page slams Evans down onto Spears, then slams Evans' face into a corner. Page works Evans over in the corner to a chorus of boos. Evans ties up Page's hands briefly and all four men begin to brawl again. Page with a powerslam on Evans for a close two. Spears gets involved, as does Williams and all four men set up for a modified Doomsday in the corner. Williams & Page both pin others at the same time, both only get a two-count.
The crowd pops, rallying all four competitors to their feet. Page & Williams exchange rapid-fire blows, with Williams getting the upper hand until Spears smacks him in the back with a steel chair! Spears with a chairs hot to Evans to a huge pop! A loud chant follows. Spears sets a chair up in the corner then looks to drive Evans into it. Williams makes the save. Spears instead hits a C4 driver into the chair in the corner and covers for two! All four men eventually recover and Spears/Evans/Page begin a three-way strike-fest filled with superkicks and strikes to each other. Think of those silly AEW segments, but with better selling. The crowd with a "this is awesome" chant, loud and proud. The ref checks on all four men as everyone's down in Toronto tonight. Williams and Page roll out; Williams immediately lays into Page, and begins to clear the commentary table. Williams hoists up Page, who fight shim off with fists. Page pulls Williams up for an Ego's Edge but Trick escapes! Evans, outta nowhere, streaks across the ring, leaps over the top turnbuckle and wipes out Trick Williams! Spears drags a nearly lifeless Evans into the ring and hits a C4 off the middle rope! Page throws Spears out of the ring and attempts to steal the cover, covering Evans for a near fall!
The crowd is going full bipolar from the chaotic, fast-paced action going on in our main event. Page looks to capitalize but Spears rises, and the two battle in the corner. Spears with a big chop to Page as Page rests on the top turnbuckle. Spears climbs up and looks for a superplex. Williams sneaks in the ring and hoists Spears up, then attempts to powerbomb him to the outside! Spears instead uses a headscissors to take the champ outside! Evans fires off with springboard cutters to Page, hitting two in quick secession before nearly stealing the title! Williams Just makes the save! Holy sh*t! Williams and Evans begin to rapid-fire blows again in the middle of the ring! Evans with a leaping fist to rock the champ; the champ with a side-based rising kick! Both men look for springboard kicks and wipe each other out! The crowd with another deafening "whoop that trick" chant. Evans is distracted and attacked from behind by Spears. Spears climbs the turnbuckles and pulls Evans up, threatens a superplex to the outside but Evans counters and hits a cutter to the inside of the ring! Evans looks for another cover but again, the champ makes the save!
Evans looks to springboard but Williams shoves him off--Evans goes flying to the outside and sends his friend through the commentary table! Oops! Williams is shown, clearly torn over this, not happy with it. The crowd with a loud "rest in peace" chant, haha! Toronto starts slow but gets nuclear, fast. Williams finds himself struck from behind and locked in a Sharpshooter by Shawn Spears! The crowd goes wild! Ethan Page makes the save with a boot to the face of Spears! Ethan hits the Ego's Edge but Evans puts the champ's foot on the bottom rope to make the save! This is insane! Page takes Evans to the mat and begins to pummel his head over and over as the crowd loudly boos. Page yells over and over "this is your fault!"
Page looks for another Ego's Edge but Spears pulls Evans off, making the save! Trick Shot outta nowhere to wipe out Evans, Page and Spears! The Trick Shot (running knee) from Williams hits Evans, dropping him; it hits Page, dropping Page on top of Evans! Spears pulls Williams out of the ring, preventing the champ from making the save! Ethan Page's body technically pins Je'von Evans! We have a new champion at 9:23pm!
Your Winner AND NEW NXT Champion, "All Ego" Ethan Page!

The Aftermath

The crowd, the now-former champion, the new champ--everyone is stunned! The ref revives Ethan Page and our program ends as Williams is shocked, and "All Ego" Ethan Page rises his new title.

Next Week on NXT

Karmen Petrovic vs. Arianna Grace. Wes Lee has a "decision" or announcement to make about his future. Lexis King vs Tony D'Angelo for the NXT Heritage Cup. The OC vs Tyson Dupont & Tyriek Igwe.

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NXT Heatwave 2024 Live Results (July 7, 2024) - Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, Ontario (2024)
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