Seventh Heaven co*cktail Recipe (2024)

Sep 15, 2016(updated Dec 8, 2022)

By Michelle Weiner

This 3-ingredient Seventh Heaven co*cktail Recipe is heavy on the gin and ends with a bite. The perfect co*cktail for a fancy night in!

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Prep Time 5 minutes minutes

Total Time 5 minutes minutes

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Seventh Heaven co*cktail Recipe (1)

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This 3-ingredient Seventh Heaven co*cktail Recipe is heavy on the gin and ends with a bite. The perfect co*cktail for a fancy night in!

A vintage gin co*cktail recipe worth dressing up for

Going out for a night on the town at the newest speakeasy? Shake up this Seventh Heaven co*cktail Recipe for pre-gaming! It’s heavy on the gin and sure to put you in a great mood before you head out.

Vintage co*cktail newbies be warned: a seventh heaven co*cktail is not for the faint of heart. The gin is strong while the maraschino liqueur gives it an almost medicinal flavor. Fresh grapefruit juice comes in at the end to help with the drinkability and add a burst of brightness. Try it if you’re ready to up your co*cktail game!

Give your guests a little variety by pairing this co*cktail with more vintage favorites, like a Kirsch Rose co*cktail, The Abbey co*cktail, or this Paper Plane co*cktail Recipe for a bourbon based drink. Snack on a few Radishes and Butter Crostinis and before you know it, it’ll be time to head out on the town!

Seventh Heaven co*cktail Recipe (2)

Inspired by a classic gin co*cktail

The inspiration for this seventh heaven co*cktail came from my favorite co*cktail book, The Savoy co*cktail Book by Harry Craddock.

The original recipe (called Seventh Heaven co*cktail No. 2) is on page 145 in the book. It’s made with the same 3 ingredients but with very different ratios.

Instead of changing the co*cktail entirely, I adjusted the ratios of the 3 ingredients. I focused on keeping the gin strong while increasing the grapefruit juice and reducing the maraschino.

The finished result is so well balanced and bright! The co*cktail only gets better when it’s served ice-cold.

Seventh Heaven co*cktail Recipe (3)

What is a seventh heaven co*cktail made of?

Shake up this 3 ingredient co*cktail in no time! Here’s what you need on your bar cart before getting started:


This co*cktail is heavy on the gin, so make sure you use a brand you already love. Hendrick’s and Bombay Sapphire are my brands of choice but if you aren’t sure what you like, buy a few different bottles to test the flavors. You can always make a few gin and tonics to use up the extras.

Not a gin person? I haven’t tested this recipe with another liquor but grapefruit and vodka are already great partners (see my Grapefruit Vodka Martini for proof!), so it should work here as well.

Seventh Heaven co*cktail Recipe (4)

Grapefruit juice

For the absolute best flavor, buy a grapefruit and juice it yourself with a citrus reamer. There’s no beating freshly squeezed grapefruit juice! The next best option is to use bottled Simply Brand grapefruit juice instead.

Maraschino liqueur

This vintage co*cktail recipe gets its complexity from Luxardo maraschino liqueur. This clear liqueur backs up the grapefruit and gin flavors with its notes of sweet and sour cherries, nuts, and vanilla. It’s a fruity surprise that gives this co*cktail another layer of brightness.

Seventh Heaven co*cktail Recipe (5)

Tips and tricks

Use these tips to make the most balanced, fanciest vintage co*cktail:

Shaken, not stirred

Grab your co*cktail shaker because a seventh heaven co*cktail must be shaken, not stirred. According to Difford's Guide, shaking the co*cktail whips air bubbles into the drink, giving it a cloudy appearance and lighter mouthfeel. The ice also dilutes the drink and makes it super cold, improving the drinking experience!

Seventh Heaven co*cktail Recipe (6)

Chill the glassware

This co*cktail is extra fantastic when it’s served ice cold. Besides shaking it with ice, serve the drinks in glasses that have been sitting in the freezer to ensure every sip is well chilled.

Make a big batch

Don’t spend all your time shaking individual drinks. Instead, make a big batch! Double or triple the ingredients and pour them into a large pitcher. When it’s time to serve, shake the individual or double servings with ice and pour into chilled glasses.

Don’t forget the garnish

Finish each glass with Luxardo cherries or fresh mint sprigs.


Seventh Heaven co*cktail Recipe (7)

Seventh Heaven co*cktail Recipe

This 3-ingredient Seventh Heaven co*cktail Recipe is heavy on the gin and ends with a bite. The perfect co*cktail for a fancy night in!

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Author: Michelle Weiner

Prep Time: 5 minutes minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes minutes

Makes: 1 co*cktail


  • 2 ounces gin
  • 1 ounce grapefruit juice
  • ½ ounce maraschino liqueur


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Recipe adapted from The Savoy co*cktail Book.

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  1. Kim Livengood says

    So glamorous! Can't wait to try!


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      Thanks, love!


  2. Sarah James @ Tales From The Kitchen Shed says

    I love a Gin co*cktail and I love the sound of your vintage recipe. I've never tried maraschino liqueur before but I do adore a maraschino cherry.


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      Oh! Sarah, if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend trying a co*cktail at a bar with maraschino liqueur! Definitely do that before you buy a bottle...and aren't maraschino cherries delightful?!?


  3. Jenni says

    What an awesome looking co*cktail! And I LOVE those glasses! So cool!


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      Thanks Jenni! <3


  4. April says

    Lovely glasses and photos! This sounds perfect for the upcoming holidays!


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      Thanks so much! They have become my favorite co*cktail coupe to use regularly. I hope you get a chance to make this recipe for a holiday get together!


  5. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen says

    I love a good co*cktail and this one is perfect for the holidays. Love your photos, too!


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      Thanks so much Kimberly! It's always nice to make a fun co*cktail for holiday parties 🙂


  6. Gloria @ Homemade & Yummy says

    Sounds like a tasty co*cktail. Vintage recipes are cool too.


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      It's very tasty (and strong)! Let me know if you get a chance to make it 🙂


  7. Corna says

    I'm a big fan of grapefruit juice in any form and love the sound of it in this co*cktail! It would definitely be a good choice for a vintage co*cktail party.


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      I'm the same way! Grapefruit in any co*cktail is wonderful and I hope you have a chance to make this co*cktail!


  8. Warm Cocotte says

    Lovely idea to share vintage recipes! Wanna try this drink soon!
    Wish you a wonderful rest of the week!
    Gloria & Emanuele


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      Thank you so much Gloria & Emanuele! It's become such a fun project 🙂 Hope your weekend is great as well and let me know how you like the co*cktail!


  9. chellie says

    I love the glasses, they are so pretty! We don't actually drink anymore, but the idea of a vintage party is so fun and this fits that theme perfectly!


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      Thanks Chellie! I picked them up at a vintage fair a little while back.


  10. Fiona says

    Anything with gin is a total winner in my book! I totally wish there was Drizly in my city - it's genius


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      I totally agree! Living in a big city certainly helps 🙂


  11. Anne Murphy says

    I always did like grapefruit juice as a mixer, and I can see it balancing the sweet marahschino! Sounds interesting.


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      You are spot on! The tartness of the grapefruit definitely balances the maraschino. I'd love to know if you'll be making this some time <3


  12. Monica Le says

    Gin and grapefruit? Yes, please!


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      Monica, if I could, I'd send one your way!


  13. Kristyn says

    This co*cktail looks amazing and delicious. Yum!


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      It really is one of my favorite co*cktails! <3


  14. Sharon Rigsby says

    Looks really, really delicious!


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      Thanks so much Sharon! I hope you get a chance to make it!


  15. Kitty says

    I think you're my sister from another mister! We should collaborate sometime. Us vintage gals have to stick together!


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      Kitty, I totally agree! I love your blog and definitely think we should work on something together soon 🙂


  16. Jacqui Bellefontaine says

    I do love a Gin co*cktail 🙂


    • Michelle Ferrand says

      Me too <3


  17. Kortney says

    Your glasses are beautiful! Sounds like the perfect co*cktail to serve at a holiday party.


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