Spicy Stir-Fried Cabbage Recipe (2024)

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After you stir-fry for one to two minutes until the cabbage begins to wilt, then add the salt and wine/soy sauce mixture. But before you cover and cook over high heat, turn off the heat and let the cabbage sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Then continue with the recipe. It makes the seasonings better blended and more flavorful.

River BOB

Great taste, had Napa cabbage that was almost over it's prime, did not have any dry sherry so used 1 TBS of Mirin and 1 TBS of Rice Vinegar. Also used Red Pepper instead of Carrot. Love the slightly spice flavor and a crunch still remains. Will make again, perhaps finish with toasted sesame seeds.

Sue Dennett


Use chinese five spices mix


Recipe turned out great with Savoy cabbage. I used coconut oil for sautéing and an orange bell pepper instead of a carrot for color.


This is a fantastic recipe. I'm serving this as a side item to pork tenderloin. My only suggestion is to add just a drizzle of sesame oil at the end to give it a little nutty asian flavor along with some toasted sesame seeds.


Doubled the recipe with fennel and broccoli, added tofu. Followed the suggestion to let sit for 5-10 and it made all the difference: the flavours were well absorbed--including by the tofu!--and the veggies were perfectly cooked. Delicious as is and wonderfully crunchy but future mods might include adding hint of sugar and sesame oil (or seeds as another reviewer mentioned). Will definitely make again!


I had to laugh as I read the comments '...didn't have the ingredients but...' This really is more a nudge to stirs fry what ever shredded greens you got at the bottom the crisper, and the 25 comments the inspiration to add your own love....Mazel ! This is the best kind of no recipe, recipe.


I love this recipe - really easy, delicious, and it uses ingredients that are pantry staples. I always leave out the star anise and it still has lots of flavor. Following the cooking times as directed helps to ensure that the cabbage stays crisp-tender and doesn't lose its color.


I used bagged coleslaw mix. Turned out perfect!


This recipe worked out great for a quick dinner!

I added onions when frying the ginger + garlic mix. Replaced the carrots with bell peppers. I also added some szechuan peppers for that extra zing. At the end I stirred in some egg noodles for about a 1 minute.

Ralph Joerger

Added 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce and some fresh chilies and I think it was a very good idea to enhance the flavor.


I used red and yellow peppers instead of carrot, as another reviewer suggested, and that really added a great layer of flavor, as well as the visual appeal. I finished with both cilanto and finely-sliced green onion (more is more!). Excellent dish and able to hold its own alongside kalbi ribs.


One of the worst things I've ever tasted.


I actually used a little guanciale (unsmoked, cured pork jowl) cut up in cubes, frying them first till crisp, then stir-frying everything else in that fat. Skipped the carrot. This was a delicious & satisfying dish served with rice. No need to order in!


I made half this recipe. Excellent. Followed another cook's recommendation and sprinkled sesame seeds (1 T) before plating. Also, I added chopped cilantro but did not have anise or chives.


Hooray for Martha Rose! She scores again. I had all the ingredients so no need to venture out on this chilly, cloudy day when I would rather stay home and research recipes. I added tofu, as another commenter suggested, and divided the recipe in half to serve 2 (except I did use a whole carrot). Terrific, quick, healthy meal.


What can replace star anise? Thanks!

John New Hope

This was as great as it was as simple. Great base cooking method. Made and cooked as described with a couple minor adds… used 50/50 sesame oil/coconut oil, threw in a red pepper bc it was in the fridge doing nothing, and I needed some protein, thought peanuts but didn’t have, added 2 tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter. Will definitely add to the regular lineup.

Paul Jay

On a whim I substituted Szechuan peppercorns for the pepper pepper flakes and lightly seared some ahi tuna I had in the fridge and tossed it in at the end. Marvelous. Try pork or chicken as well if you want to turn this side into a meal.


I thought it was pretty good the first night, but it truly delicious as leftovers.


Made as directed. Delicious.


I really found this dish quite under-flavored, even after adding more garlic, star anise, ginger, soy sauce and cooking wine. Otherwise followed the instructions pretty much to a T. Not sure what happened


I am blown away at how much flavor is in this simple dish. I always up the ginger/garlic content of any dish by a little because I love that profile - holy smokes - DELICIOUS. Served with crispy tofu and rice.


I doubled the recipe as I had a lot of cabbage that needed to be used. Instead of carrot I julienned a red bell pepper. I broke the star anise into small segments and let it infuse into the soy/sherry mixture. Used a minced jalapeño. Delicious, divine with fresh summer ingredients but good for all year.

Carol K.

Very good but I love Asian cuisine. To add some crunch I added sliced almonds to the finished dish, which speaks to the comment that in Singapore they stir fry vegetables no more than 2-3 minutes to avoid soggy vegetables. While I loved the flavors in this it’s consistency was close to that of sauerkraut (which I am not a fan of). I will cook this again but will skip the 30 second steaming under a lid.


two table spoons ginger and garlic thai chilies x4


Added 1lb ground pork, too much use 1/2 lb, removed when cooked and return to pan after cabbage had wilted. Sautéed onion and peppers, removed from pan and added after cabbage had wilted. Added hot chili oil before serving.VERY GOOD


Wasn't a fan. My husband and I thought something was missing in the flavor profile but we couldn't figure out what. Tried a little vinegar but that wasn't it. Won't make again.


Quick, easy, tasty and veggie. Nice weekday dinner.

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Spicy Stir-Fried Cabbage Recipe (2024)
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