These 30 Girl Names That Start With "P" Are Absolute Perfection (2024)

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These 30 Girl Names That Start With "P" Are Absolute Perfection (1)

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These 30 Girl Names That Start With "P" Are Absolute Perfection

Whether you want something perky, peaceful, or poised.

by Katie McPherson

Choosing a name for your baby is so much fun — you imagine calling to them across the playground, writing it on their holiday presents, and seeing it written out with their future last name. If you’re considering girl names that start with “P,” there are plenty of wonderful baby name options to choose from.

Maybe you’re in the market for a “P” name because it sounds nice with your surname, or perhaps you and your partner both share names that start with the letter and you want your little one to be included. No matter the reason, there are some things to keep in mind when you’re trying to find just the right “P” baby name. Consider how many syllables you want in the name, whether you want your baby to have an easy nickname or not, whether you like modern baby names or traditional ones, and of course, the overall personality of the moniker. For example, Poppy, Phoenix, and Patience all have very different vibes.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a name, don’t fret. Keep your favorite options in mind and, once you lay eyes on your little baby girl, chances are you’ll know right away which name is the perfect fit. Besides, she’s sure to be precious enough to rock any “P” name you pick.



This classic name started as an English surname, but grew in popularity over time for both girls and boys, thanks to Peyton Manning and characters like Peyton Sawyer in One Tree Hill. It’s been in the top 100 U.S. baby names since 2008, minus a brief stint as #101 in 2018, so it’s a well-loved choice.



If you absolutely love baby girl names that start with “P,” this spunky one is a shoe-in. Poppy serves up plenty of “Ps” from beginning to end, and is a beautiful flower name for a baby girl.



Penelope is a Greek name meaning “weaver,” and has been around since the days of Homer’s The Odyssey. It’s been steadily climbing in popularity since 2001 and ranked as the 23rd most popular baby girl name of 2021. So, while it may not be the most unique name on this list, it will definitely stand the test of time.



You’re humming “Dear Prudence,” aren’t you? If you want your little one’s name to stand out in the crowd, Prudence is a great option — the name hasn’t been in the top 1,000 names since 1948. It’s a virtue name meaning “cautious,” and has the added bonus of an adorable nickname: Prue.



This one’s for the music lovers. While the name Presley obviously brings Elvis to mind, it’s also an old English name meaning “priest’s meadow,” so it’s got a bit of a natural, mystical history going for it, too.



Gender-neutral name fans who also happen to be searching for girl names that start with “P” will love Parker. It’s a profession surname (like Baker or Smith) from Old English that referred to someone who cared for hunting parks. Today, it’s the 115th most popular baby name for girls and 93rd for boys.



Paige is another English occupation name; a page was another word for a helper or assistant. It peaked in popularity in the early 2000s and has fallen out of the top 100 names since 2011. If you’re looking to raise a little girl who helps others, it could be a fitting choice.



The most popular Pepper today is probably Pepper Potts from the Iron Man movies, but the moniker itself is, of course, inspired by the spice of the same name. Its popularity spiked in 1975, but Pepper hasn’t been in the top 1,000 most popular names in the United States since.



For parents who want a girl name that starts with “P” but has an “F” sound, Phaedra is a gorgeous one to consider. It means “bright,” and in Greek mythology, Phaedra was a princess of Crete.



Pearls are timeless and so is the name — it was in the top 50 U.S. names from in the 1910s and 1920s, giving it that vintage flair some parents today are searching for. A pearl is the birthstone for June, so if you’re having a summertime baby, it may be just the right name for her.



Currently #96 in the United States’ most popular baby girl names, Piper dates back centuries. It’s got English and Romanian roots and was used to refer to someone who played the pipes or a flute. It’s been a well-known girl name since Charmed first aired in 1999.



If you’re into flower names but Poppy doesn’t appeal to you, maybe Petal is more your speed. It’s a bit more delicate in sound and meaning. Don’t forget about Posy and Petunia, too.



Padma Lakshmi is the most famous person with this “P” name, and maybe your little one will grow up to be a TV personality or author as well. It’s a Sanskrit name meaning “lotus,” which symbolizes rebirth, strength, and purity.



Phoebe is a Greek name meaning “radiant, shining one,” making it such a sweet name for any baby girl. It’s an alternate name for Artemis, goddess of the moon, and has been used in the New Testament, a Shakespeare play, and Catcher in the Rye (not to mention everyone’s favorite Phoebe in “Friends”).



Primrose is perhaps most associated with the character, Prim, in The Hunger Games books and films. It’s a name of English origin that means “first rose,” and, as such, is full of all the hope and promise of spring.



This name stems from the Latin words for pious, or very dedicated to religion. It also has ties to Hindu culture, and has historically been popular in European countries. Naming your daughter Pia would be a unique, fashionable choice that makes her sound like a world traveler.



Pippa Matthews (formerly Middleton) is likely the first person you think of when you hear the name. While it can be a standalone name, Pippa is usually a nickname for Phillipa, which means “lover of horses.”



Everyone knows the ancient myth of a giant fiery bird rising from the ashes, symbolizing rebirth and victory. Phoenix is a unisex name that has been more commonly used for boys in the past, but is gaining ground with the girls.



The name Priscilla has Latin origins and means “venerable,” i.e. highly respected because of your wisdom or good character. It’s a great idea for a little girl to live up to, and parents will like that Priscilla sounds just as cute on a toddler and it does professional on an adult.



Polly has an all-American, 1950s vibe and would be absolutely adorable on a happy-go-lucky little girl. Lots of different meanings are attributed to it, from “star of the sea” to “rebellion,” and the extra sentimental “wished-for child.”



Petra peaked in popularity in the early ‘70s and hasn’t been heard much since, but thanks to its modern sound and short length, it could be poised for comeback with millennial parents. It’s got Greek origins and means “rock” or “stone.” If your daughter will be the foundation of your family, Petra is the perfect “P” name for her.



Sanskrit in origin, this lovely girls name means “dear” or “beloved". A popular name in India, Priya is still quite uncommon here in the U.S.



For parents who want a feminine name, this short, fun name really brings it. With Swedish and Celtic origins, Pixie is related to fairies and folklore. Giving it to your little girl might be the only way you could make her arrival more magical.



While the meaning of the word “promise” is well known, it had never ranked in the top 1,000 most used names until 2018 — it’s been steadily rising in popularity since. It’s a great name if you want your little one to stand out in class; she’ll be the only Promise on the school playground.



Paris, France is the city of love, full of romance, history, and art. Whether it holds special memories for you or you like the posh vibe it offers, it’s a classic that won’t date your little girl.



The ultra-feminine Paisley could be derived from the pattern of the same name, which has Middle Eastern origins, or to the town of Paisley in Scotland.



Perry has historically been used in the United States as a boy name, but it definitely has a gender-neutral sound. It means “dweller near a pear tree,” which could be meaningful if you want your child to feel close to nature. It also has great middle name potential.



Persephone translates to “bringer of death” which is, admittedly, a little too metal for many parents. But, although Persephone was the Greek goddess of the Underworld, she also ruled over spring, plants, and regrowth, so there is a light and bright side to the name as well.



Palmer is an Old English surname that was often given to people who had made a religious pilgrimage, though today it calls to mind more literal images of palm trees swaying and cool drinks in the sun.



Babies and toddlers aren’t known for their patience, so giving this name to your child may seem ironic, but it’s one of those virtue names that never go out of style.

So, did you find a favorite baby girl name starting with a “P”? Whether you choose a name off this list or the search is still on, rest assured any name you give your sweet babe will be perfect for her.

These 30 Girl Names That Start With "P" Are Absolute Perfection (2024)
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