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Product Information & Specs
The Remington Model 1100 Competition is super-tuned for the competitive scene. By overboring the 30″ barrel and lengthening the forcing cones, Remington improved shot-to-shot pattern consistency and made what was one of the softest-recoiling actions in the world even easier on your shoulder. The receiver and all internal parts feature a nickel-Teflon finish for the smoothest, most reliable cycling ever, and the barrel has a 10mm target-style rib. All these, plus a host of other upgrades, transform an already legendary design into an unstoppable force at the range. Seller Description A sweet-shooting competitor 40 years in the making, the Remington 1100 Competition is a competition-ready 12-gauge shotgun built on the tried and true action of the Model 1100. This model has a 2 ¾” chamber and two Remington Pro Bore chokes (skeet and improved cylinder). It is in very good condition, with only minor marks on the barrel and a few more where the forearm is attached. Purchase includes the original box and an extra “O” ring. UPC GDC0000100259 Gauge 12 GA Action SEMI AUTO Capacity 4 ROUNDS Barrel Length 30 BARREL Weight 9 LBS. Finish BLACK/STAINLESS MODEL 1100 COMPETITION