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The 700 Sendero is Remingtons most accurate commercially available rifle. This bolt-action centerfire tack-driver utilizes a heavy contour stainless steel barrel concave target-style barrel crown and full-length aluminum bedding blocks to offer unparalleled shooting precision. Other features include its H-S Precision aramid fiber reinforced composite stock with beavertail forend and ambidextrous finger grooves dual front swivel studs for sling and bipod mounts and externally adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger system.


Action Bolt – Caliber 7mm Rem Mag – Capacity 3 – Finish Stainless – Material 416 Stainless Steel – Stock H.S. Precision Black Amarid Fiber Reinf. – Drop at Comb 1.25 – Drop at Heel 1.5 – Length of Pull 13.375 – Twist 19.25 – Barrel Length 26 – Overall Length 45.75 – Weight 8.5 lb

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Capacity 3 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 26 BARREL
Weight 8.5

The premium Remington 700 Sendero bolt-action takes the basic, classic, well-rounded Remington 700 Varmint Special and upgrades it with a different stock, long action and a heavier barrel. Legendary Remington has been in business over 200 years. Its bolt-action Model 700 series rifles were an improved version of Remington’s own earlier 721 and 722. But the 700 was tweaked for even easier mass production. Ever since, it has been a superb base from which to proliferate 30+ production models into many niches.

The Remington 700 Sendero (“trail” or “path” in Spanish), joined the family lineup in 1994. The centerfire rifle’s standout features are its 26” long heavy contoured blued barrel and its H-S Precision synthetic stock. They pair to make the rifle a paragon of long-range accuracy. The guns also have a spherical concave target-style barrel crown.

The earliest Sendero was chambered for .25-06 Remington, .270 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum.

H -S Precision out of Rapid City, South Dakota created Sendero’s composite synthetic fiberglass stock. The stock’s graphite reinforcement is crafted using high-tensile strength and heat-resistant du Pont Kevlar. This gave the stock its characteristic distressed grey on black gossamer spider webbing pattern. [In fact, for a given weight, Kevlar is ten times stronger than steel!] It also had a contoured beavertail forend and an ambidextrous palmswell and ambidextrous finger grooves. A trio of swivel studs gave the capability to mount a bipod at the same time as a strap.

Two years later, Remington added the Sendero SF. The SF suffix salutes the gun’s stainless steel fluted barrel. The six longitudinal flutes decreased weight and provided more surface area for better cooling/heat dissipation while retaining structural rigidity. It had a stainless-steel receiver, stainless-steel bolt and a full-length aluminum bedding block.

Remington offered the Sendero SF in the same calibers except the .270 Winchester. The SF weighed 8.5 pounds.

By the time the Sendero SF II arrived on the market, you could get it chambered in .264 Winchester Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, 7 mm Remington Magnum, .300 Remington Ultra Magnum or 7 mm Remington Ultra Magnum!

The Sendero was in production many years. It is still considered a very high-quality bolt-action rifle that can still command a commensurate price!