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A favorite of the legendary shooter Jerry Miculek, the Remington Nylon 66 is one of the earliest mass-produced rifles to feature a synthetic stock. It is a piece of history that is collectible, accurate, lightweight, and fun to shoot. This model is in good condition, with some scratches.

UPC GDC0000100801
Caliber .22 LR
Capacity 14 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 19.5 BARREL
Weight 4.2 LBS.

The Remington Nylon 66 was a rifle manufactured by Remington Arms from 1959 to 1989. It was one of the earliest mass-produced rifles to feature a stock made from a material other than wood. Previously the 22-410 Stevens combination gun had been offered with a Tenite stock.[2] The firearms market generally lacked experience with synthetic stocks, making the Nylon 66 a risky gamble for Remington. The model name was taken from the polymer of the same name.

In the 1950s, Remington Arms was interested in designing a rifle that was cheaper to produce. After analysis, engineers determined that there were savings to be found in the production of the receivers and stocks of rifles. Thus Remington asked chemical engineers at DuPont to come up with a plastic that could replace both the wooden stock and the receiver. The specs given to DuPont called for a material that could be formed into any shape desired but that also had a high tensile-impact and flexural strength.[2]

After some research, DuPont came back to Remington with a compound they called Zytel 101. Zytel is DuPont’s brand name for nylon resins. This compound was ultimately used to produce the stock and receiver.[2] After the Nylon 66 proved to be successful, Remington also marketed a series of bolt action and lever action rifles using Nylon stocks.