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Introduced in 2014 the Remington R51 is a upgraded and modernized version of the Model 51 which ceased production in the 1930s. This sub-compact semi-automatic handgun is chambered in 9mmP and employs a unique hesitation-locked action with a locking breechblock. It offers the lowest bore axis in its class which delivers unparallelled intuitive accuracy while reducing muzzle rise and improving recovery between shots. The R51 also features an aluminum frame and stainless steel slide as well as an optimized grip handle smooth light trigger pull and a slim profile that makes it ideal for concealed carry.


Action Single – Caliber 9mm – Capacity 71 – Finish Black – Sights Adjustable – Grips Polymer – Barrel Length 3.4

UPC 885293964303
Caliber 9MM LUGER (9X19 PARA)
Capacity 7+1 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 3.5 BARREL
Weight 1.4

The Remington R51 is a semi-automatic pistol announced in late 2013 and was available to the market in January 2014.[2] The R51 is a modernized version of the John Pedersen-designed Remington Model 51 pistol now chambered in 9×19mm caliber.[3][4] Remington announced plans to offer the pistol in .40 S&W and other calibers. [5][6][7] However, no other chamberings were offered by the time of Remington’s bankruptcy in 2018.[8]

Remington R51 Pistol -Re-engineered from the ground up and thoroughly tested to deliver ultimate reliability, the perfected R51

When the Remington R51 was re-released I was excited.  An American company producing a pistol with a different action than the standard browning locking action.  Call me a gun nerd, but that sort of stuff excites me.  The gun magazines all had rave reviews until it was made public that either money had changed hands or the magazines were simply lying to earn advertising bucks from Remington.  Then came the online reviews.

Problem after problem showed up in YouTube videos.  It seemed every YouTuber had their own unique problem.  The results were more than disappointing.  I waited more than a year to get my hands on one as reaching out to Remington proved as fruitful as planting bullets and trying to grow an ammo tree.  When the prices came down I picked one up.  Is it as bad as they say on the range?

I headed out on a frosty morning and through rain, sleet, then snow ran the R51 through a battery of tests.  Full-mag +1, The “What’s for Dinner” load compatibility test ranging from 165gr to 65gr, and of course a quick grouping from seven yards using Nosler 115gr Match.  The video below shows the results